İhracatta Başarısız Olmanın Yolları!

The ancients used to say “Tariz”, now they say “Sarcasism”.

As a result of what was spoken in a friendly chat, a sarcastic writing from my archive …

Do not immediately respond to e-mail requests you receive.

Let them wait!

If they come to you, they want to buy from you.

For this reason, do not jump on the job immediately, and pull yourself a little bit more so that your property will be a little more valuable. If there is no answer from you, they can also call you.

Answer them on the phone by saying, “We had other things to do, and the answer was delayed from him. I’m sorry.” Now that they are calling, they definitely intend to take it from you, so don’t answer in a hurry.

Let them follow you a little bit …

Especially after three weeks.

You see, they repeat their demands in the meantime.

You look at the repeated request message and contract, “But we’re worth it.”

Finally, when you decide that you’ve gotten a lot of money on the customer, you get a whopping price.

So what, would you give an affordable price to all the customers who were after us?

You must have deserved to make a good profit, since they have fallen on you this much.

If you have gone to the fair and one customer comes and the other is leaving, do not give them the same price. Increase prices every day so they know how much your goods are in demand.

Speak a little to those who come to your fair stand, do not be concerned immediately.

After all, you are strong enough to go there and showcase your products.

There should be a lot of personnel from your company at your stand abroad.

Nor do they need to know a foreign language or be adept at negotiating with the client. The relatives of the boss, the employees with torpedoes should also go.

Isn’t it their right to see abroad too.

Take plentiful, plentiful seeds for hedging. Fill the chairs in your stand and chat while eating snacks so that those who see it say “Wow, how many visitors they have.

Do not try to contact the customers there before going to the fair.

You go close to them anyway, any trouble will come.

If they bring the catalogs to be distributed at the fair, on the afternoon of the opening day of the fair or on the second day. The harm is that whatever comes to you knows what the goods are.

Let the catalogs be in Turkish so that you can evaluate what you have left at domestic fairs.

Also, do not incur translation costs into foreign languages.

You can use your college students to make export correspondence.

After all, don’t you pour that much money so that they learn a foreign language?

They’re a little useful, and you’ll be hiding your business secrets!

It’s okay, though there may be some unfamiliar words or sentences.

Dictionaries for what a day.

In conversations with foreign customers, use your neighbors who say they have lived in the customer’s country or speak the language of the customer’s country.

It is not that important for him to know your business or export related issues.

Anyway, you come to an agreement with the customer.

Just agree on the price, the rest is fasa fiso!

If you get too stuck, you can get along a little by drawing shapes on paper!

Do not consult those who know the issue of export, do not waste time in seminars and trainings. Will they know your business better than you do?

Do all these and similar behaviors, I give you a guarantee,


İşte Kobi